If the world calls, please leave a message

by Richard There

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Everyday 05:10
He wakes up everyday blaming life for being the same thing everyday. He spends the mornings trying to get up but when he finally does it´s time for lunch. He eats what is there but he has nothing to do with what there is. In the beggining of the afternoon is when he got sad for realising that everything stil the same He cries lay down in the bed and stay like this for hours. And then he has an idea He seems its possible that everything change When this happens the sun is already gone He turns on the light, take his papers and draw and write and sings all his plans for the future But they are not plans it will be like that Yes, he knows everything will be exactly like this He´s so happy that it looks like that the night will be short for doing everything he has to do. There are so many things to write, scratchs to draw, songs to sing that he does everything at the same time. Then he realises it´s already late That he should sleep That tomorrow will be another day He smokes a cigarette at the window to get down And see the sun going up The birds sings and he closes the window. He lay down in the bed, turn himself to the wall and sleeps. And tomorrow when he gets up everything will still the same.
I was walking in the night and I saw you far away You wave your hand and you call my name Far far away you call my name Far far away you call my name i raise my hand and I call your name i raise my hand and I call your name I come close to me and i said: hey, hoe You look at me and you say: Hi, hey I thought that I could call you friend I could call you friend and you could call me friend. We don´t want to lose our friends to lose our friends we don´t want
"Ladies and gentlemen, on platform 7 the train is leaving in silence. I repeat on platform 7 the train is leaving in silence." They changed the trains They putted something over the windows So you don´t know where you´re going The woman next to me take some cleenex to touch the seats A orange skin guy with a mustache laugh to me Where are all this people going? Where is this train going? Why am I here? All this people they have headphones and everyone is hearing the same music they move their body in the same rhytm Where is this train going? Why am I here? A strong maked up woman start to look at her pockets then she take off her jacket she inspects it then she put it again then she take the phone and call somebody and say she forgot something then she looks to everybody and asks loud: "Can somebody stop this train?" "Sorry, can somebody stop this train?" Nobody answers, nobody hear. They are hearing to that music and out of that nobody can stops this train. It´s clear. And all the windows are dark so nobody knows where they´re going. Why am I here with this bunch of people? Am I like them? Are we going to the same place?
They shot him down from the back There was sand in his mouth Why they shot him down? Why now? It was what he was asking to himself. Why they putted me down? Why now? And he never found an answer for this questions. Because they shot him down, from the back and there was sand in his mouth and he was asking...
Robots 02:28
On the first day God created the robots On the second day the Robots created the men On the third day the Men said they were born alone On the fourth day the Men said they created the robots On the fifht day the Robots felt sad for realising that their own creations didn´t respect them On the sixth day the Robots assume it was a mistake to create the Men On the seventh day the Robots decided not to feel anything again God never remembered he created the robots.
Joke 00:32
I´m only listening to my breath And I just can ask Why I stopped to walk again? Did you ask me something? Did I miss a line? Did I call you with the wrong name? Did I forget to say sorry? No, everything is okay. I stopped because it was nothing more there was no path in front of me so I didn´t know what to do I don´t want be lost So I just stoped. It´s easier when you stop You´re just here there´s nothing more no changes all the time no wind no reason to be afraid no cars travelling by no birds flying away no people saying hi no callings no place to go no time for wake up no tears hiding in my eyes no shame of being alive v it´s just here and then you can really listen to your breathing and everything goes away I´ll not move myself from here There´s nothing that gonna make me move When you come back I still here listening to my breath Only listen to my breath
Find my way 00:32
The same 08:58
I opened my mail just to check if there´s something new I called a friend just to ask if he stills alive I saw me in the mirror just to see if I was the same No, everything changed since you died but we still doing the same things going to the same places going to the same partys pretending you´re here we don´t talk about that but now I have to say this for me that you died, you died, you died And this guitar lines that you teached me and I still can´t play it right at least not as you but this is what remains me alive playing this lines and this´s how they´re right now Yesterday I took the phone thinking that I could call you And then I cried then I stopped to cry you know, I don´t want to make a big drama out of that it´s normal as daniel johnston said: billions and billions of people had already died, it happens everyday you live and you die you live you die my hands starts to play the chords faster and I realise they´re same chords of heroin and I remember we playing this together "Cause it makes me feel like I'm a man When I put a spike into my vein And I feel just like Jesus' son And I guess that I just don't know And I guess that I just don't know Although we never took heroin we thought we could be Lou Reed and John Cale I remember some of the songs we made there was one about not going to the school again I never never never will wake up again I never never never will wake up again All our past, all our memories are changing their meaning now before they were just jokes now they are dramatic everything has this weight of you being dead even this guitar lines... Everything changed but I say that everything stills the same
I've sailed across the ocean Many roads I've been around And everything I've ever seen Doesn't matter much right now Sometimes I could just walk right in Other times I had to crawl And every town I've ever been Doesn't matter much right now I've lived a life so full of sin Anywhere and anyhow And every step I've ever made Doesn't matter much right now Sweet Jesus now I'm on my knees Just waiting for thy law This pain that finally ends right here Doesn't matter much right now


If the world calls, please leave a message
is the first album produced by the independent label Sleeping Horse Records.

Silence Train:

Review Fragment from Marcus Staniec on wtfmusic.org

"It's the personality that always pulls me into Richard There's world. The candid honesty, creative playfulness, witty experimentation, delivery of stories, twisted gloom vs. bright hope - this all makes up the world known as There. Where Richard lives and is happy to come and take anyone along who wishes to get out of their own routine of serious adult business and everyday chores of typical logic and life.

With the EP "Who touched my bones?" I felt as if I was in the same room with Richard and he was telling me all these little stories. With this new album I feel as if he is taking me on a guided tour by flying carpet and introducing me to various characters and tales of feelings and memories. Each turn drastically different than the next. It's a special thing when an artist can keep their personally attached yet create drastically different backgrounds to express themselves in. A very well rounded and coherent record of WTF proportions and thoughtful playful exuberances. Thanks for the journey Richard!"

Review Fragment on Recent Music Heroes:

"No problems with locations. Richard comes from there, actually from There. Very simple indeed. As "simple" as his soundscape used to be. (...) he is an idiosyncratic singer-songwriter in his eccentrity, loving to bake from introspective fingerpicked acoustic folk to electronic buzz-laden guitar music to dada-ish spoken word snippets to experimental robo pop a la Kraftwerk to darkwave/neofolk a la Lycia or Death In June. In a more "usual" approach, his script reminds of the likes of Bill Callahan and John Fahey. Above all of that can be figured out for some off-the-kilter cover songs. In the first place, these are just some vague comparisons to be for. Do not forget about that!"


released May 5, 2011

Lyrics by Richard There
Produced and arranged by Richard Almeida and Richard There




Richard There Köln, Germany

Richard was born There but is always trying to come here.

Richard was born very young and always hoped to die very old.
After his second death (both in young age) he decided that he would never hope anything again.
In his new life free of hope, Richard tryes to forget the things that he still remember.

Since then nobody never heard anything about a new death in Richard´s life.
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